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Asphalt Replacement
Asphalt replacement services throughout the GTA
Asphalt Replacement services
Conditions That Lead To Asphalt Removal And Replacement
  • Poor Design:

    Poor design construction services create weak areas within the asphalt surface or subgrade.
  • Rigid and oxidized surface:

    In these cases, the asphalt surface has lost its flexibility and become rigid as a result of surface water, and other environmental conditions.
  • Malfunctioning or Failure of sub-base:

    In most cases, asphalt fails as a result of base failure or water incursion. A full-depth removal and replacement of the base subgrade and new asphalt creation are needed.
  • Full-Depth reclamation or pulverization:

    A full-depth reclamation or pulverization reclamation or pulverization with cement is a cost-effective stabilizing asphalt service.