Imperial Restoration specializes in transforming lobbies to create a lasting impression. Our team of experts is fully equipped and trained to handle any lobby renovation project, bringing your vision to life. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and let us elevate your space.


Renovating the lobby of your condo complex comes with its own set of challenges. Firstly, you may need to navigate through your condo board’s rules and regulations, obtaining necessary approvals before proceeding with any work. Secondly, logistical obstacles like the size of hallways, width of doorways, and elevator space can make it difficult to bring in materials and larger equipment. In a city like Toronto, where condos are abundant, we understand the importance of adapting to perform restoration work in condos that have encountered fire, water, or other types of damage. Our team will collaborate with your condo board and insurers, ensuring we meet all requirements before commencing any work. Once underway, our experienced staff will diligently execute the restoration process, respecting your condo’s rules and striving for efficiency and speed. Trust us to transform your condo lobby into a welcoming and impressive space.

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Imperial Restoration and Renovation has transformed countless lobbies, breathing new life into commercial spaces. Our expertise in lobby renovation is unparalleled, offering competitive pricing, round-the-clock emergency service, and comprehensive assistance with permit applications and insurance claims. Serving the entire Greater Toronto Area, trust us to revitalize your lobby and create a welcoming atmosphere for all.