House Renovation

Imperial Restoration works with many homeowners to help them renovate their property. Our crew is trained, fully qualified, and ready to take your full house renovation project from start to finish.

Full House Renovation Toronto

A full house renovation is almost like getting a new living space in the same location. It gives a new life to your old house with new customizations. Also, if you are planning to sell your house, a full house renovation will surely help to attract more buyers and get a higher price.

Renovating a building fully is an immense task. If you need a high-quality full home renovation service in Toronto within your budget, Imperial Restoration can help you. We specialize in all types of house renovations and provide top-notch services for any budget. We can remodel any kind of building and achieve the results you dream of. 

Full House Renovation Services We Offer

1. Living Room Renovation

We spend most of our time in the bedroom at home staying in the bedroom. The environment of the living rooms also affects the quality of our life. Renovating the bedroom and living room can make them more inviting.

At Imperial Restoration, our expert interior designer knows what your bedroom needs to communicate a sense of safety and coziness. We give special attention to the bedroom and living room in house remodel projects.

2. Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are very common ones in our home remodeling jobs. Bathroom and kitchen renovation can most likely improve your daily life. That’s why as a home renovation contractor, we give priority to kitchen remodeling and bathroom renovations when we work on a renovation project.

3. Basement Renovation

Renovating the basement can turn it from a dark and cluttered space to a beautiful and valuable asset. It adds more space to your house since you can now use it as an extra room. That’s why we always add this to our house remodel jobs. Though the basement renovation projects can be daunting, our expert team can handle the jobs nicely.

4. Garage Extension

Extending the garage is an excellent way to turn the space on the side of your house into an additional room. Our full house renovations include extending your garage if you need it. You can use an extended garage as storage, utility, workshop, gym, playroom, or anything you like. Our designer team can generate amazing garage extension ideas to keep it aesthetic.  

5. Windows and Door Upgrade

Replacing old doors and windows can bring a huge change in your house’s look. New windows and doors change how light, sound, and fresh air move in and out of the building. They can completely reshape the smell and feel of your home. Our whole house remodeling service includes upgrading windows and doors that suit your home.

6. HVAC System Improvement

You might overlook the HVAC system while thinking of full house renovations but it has a huge impact on the environment of any home and building. It is responsible for creating a comfortable environment by heating and cooling your space in different weather. Since we intend to provide you with a home with life and comfort, we work to improve your HVAC system to ensure your new house is comfortable.

7. Damage Repairs

Damage repairing is a big part of full house renovations. What would be the point of renovating if some part of it remains damaged, right? but you don’t need a third party to repair the damages since our renovation service already includes it.

8. Roofing

Roofing plays an important role in protecting your house and maintaining the environment. But it also can enhance the look of your house. Our team is well experienced in providing roofing on any building regardless of its architectural complexity. By getting our full home renovation service, you will also get high-quality roofing service as per your house needs.  

9. Flooring

We also help you with all of your flooring installation needs. Redesigning the flooring is worth it when it comes to full house renovations. We provide reliable and complete flooring service if you get our full home renovation package.

10. Painting

We provide both interior and exterior painting services. painting is one of those steps that bring the most changes into your house. With the right type of painting and the right service, your house can turn young very quickly. And our experienced painting team won’t disappoint you to deliver a fantastic job in this criteria.

Our Working Process

  • We follow a clear and honest working process. We will discuss your project as long as it requires. After knowing all your requirements, we will provide you with a fixed price quote. Our quote and consultation are free of charge. 
  • We offer complete renovation services from supplying building materials to finishing touches. If you want to serve the building materials yourself, we can serve the same materials at your expected prices.
  • We also give very valuable advice as we have huge experience with many full house renovation projects. If you want something that’s not the best option, we will inform you what’s wrong and how to do it in the best way. 

Why Do Toronto Residents and Businesses Choose Us for Full House Renovation Jobs?

Toronto residents and businesses choose us because we hold the qualities and values they expect from a top full-house renovation specialist. Our qualities are as follows:


  • Our highly professional house renovation specialists fully comply with Toronto building codes and regulations. They are skilled to deal with any type of building structure. 
  • Our renovation specialists can deliver the best house renovation results using the best materials and latest technologies. 
  • Honest pricing and no deposit required. We offer very competitive prices that you will not find anywhere else.
  • Our workmanship is guaranteed! We deliver long-lasting works. If you notice a lack in quality or aren’t totally satisfied with the results, we will put it right.
  • We pay attention to the little details to meet customer satisfaction completely. 
  • We work closely with house owners so they can follow the whole renovation process clearly. 
  • We are a local restoration specialist in Toronto with reliable after-service customer support. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Go for a Full House Renovation?

Full house renovations are more beneficial than partial renovations for some reasons. With a full renovation, you are getting a completely new home with all the impaired and problematic things resolved. When you are tackling the whole house at once, you can plan better and do it in the right sequence. 

It is also a great way to save money by choosing a whole house remodeling package, from a company such as Imperial Restoration.

Are Full House Renovations Too Costly?

It depends on the project size. If you are looking for a full home renovation service in Toronto, no need to worry about the cost as long as Imperial Restoration is there. Because we provide tailored renovation packages. We can serve you an affordable or premium solution according to your budget. At Imperial Restoration, you are welcome to meet your needs for any budget.

I Want to Renovate My House, But How Long Will It Take?

We can estimate how long it will take after evaluating a house. We can assure you we work faster than average. Usually, it takes a couple of months for a whole-house renovation. Contact us with your home renovation project info to get an estimated time period from our project manager.